To ensure peace of mind, VSG Solutions provides clients access to a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service phone line, through which emergency guard services or advice can be obtained.

We strive to ensure clients obtain the maximum benefit of all services, & always maintain the key principles of dedication, honesty & of course hard work.

Our dedication, honesty & hard work enables our company to work with clients & provide the best possible service for which we are known.

VSG Solutions currently directly engages over 400 guards who have been deployed for security, mobile patrols & crowd control works at major events including:

  • Commercial Guarding, High Rise Buildings, Construction sites, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Universities, Schools & Shopping Centre’s, Traffic Control
  • Major Festivals, Private functions for NYE and all Public Holidays
  • Data Centres, Control Room Operators, Undercover LPOs, Hospitals, Banks, Religious Places, Mobile Car Patrols
  • Sporting Events

Guards from VSG Solutions are experienced and proven with large crowds, alcohol effected persons & high risk scenarios.

The operations of the company shall be conducted in accordance with all relevant legislation. This includes the need to minimize risks & seek all improvements which will eliminate accidents & injuries.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of safety & maintaining its good record by combining the efforts of all employees & management.