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We provide safety and security

Your Safety Is Our Priority

To ensure peace of mind, VSG Solutions provides clients access to a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service phone line, through which emergency guard services or advice can be obtained.

We strive to ensure clients obtain the maximum benefit of all services, & always maintain the key principles of dedication, honesty & of course hard work.

Our dedication, honesty & hard work enables our company to work with clients & provide the best possible service for which we are known.


VSG Solutions currently directly engages over 400 guards who have been deployed for security, mobile patrols & crowd control works at major events including:

Diverse Environment Security

Safeguarding a broad spectrum of environments, our services extend to commercial spaces, high-rise buildings, construction sites, hospitals, retail stores, and educational institutions. Our expertise also encompasses effective traffic control solutions, ensuring comprehensive security tailored to diverse settings.

Event Security Excellence

From major festivals to private NYE functions, we prioritise safety, offering expert event security for seamless and secure experiences.

Specialised Security Operations

Specialised security services for data centres, control rooms, undercover LPOs, banks, religious places, mobile patrols, and sporting events.

A Company That Backs You

Proven in Safety and Experience

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Guards from VSG Solutions are experienced and proven with large crowds, alcohol effected persons & high risk scenarios.

The operations of the company shall be conducted in accordance with all relevant legislation. This includes the need to minimize risks & seek all improvements which will eliminate accidents & injuries.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of safety & maintaining its good record by combining the efforts of all employees & management.

VSG Solutions PTY LTD.